Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Remembrance of Videos Past #39: Menudo, "You Got Potential"

Sure this video might seem like a gay pedophile's wet dream but this might be the most honest love song in recorded history. Most songs go for the standard love at first sight trope; "You Got Potential" has a more sober, rational approach.

Girl, you got potential
To be in my heart, this could be a start
Girl, you got potential
That's waiting to be uncovered by me

Very cautious. He's not sure if he loves her but he might. Potentially. Maybe up close she has mouth herpes or a thin moustache.

Whenever I see this video, I remember Nintendo Power and Steampipe Alley. The vocalist here - Angelo - must've been about 12. I was also 12 when this song came out in the US (1988). Though back then I envied his mackitude, he's the one who has to look back at that spullet and cringe.

Things to watch/listen for in the video:

A Nordictrac dance move at 1:21
A high five dance that would make Jesse Thorn cry with joy at 1:44
Twin guitar leads at 3:29

Enough lollygagging: let's get this 8th grade Pizza Party Dance started!

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