Friday, February 09, 2007

Full Disclosure: I am Cool

via Largehearted Boy

There are more articles about hipster parents than there are hipster parents, but Time magazine has outdone the New York Times in the competition for the Unintentionally Hilarious Hipster Coverage award.

Full disclosure: I have two young sons, and if anything, Pollack gets my experience unsettlingly right. I live in Brooklyn, which along with the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles is the apparent epicenter of the hipster-parent movement. When one of my kids requests the Magnetic Fields on the iPod, I swell with pride as fathers of another era did when their sons completed touchdown passes.

Good thing he saved his journalistic integrity with that disclosure. I wonder about his past "disclosures":

OJ Simpson

Full disclosure: I have also fucked a football player's wife. But that was in high school and I was lucky that bitch didn't wear glasses.

Abu Ghraib

Full disclosure: I had a big pile of naked Arabs in a dorm room back in college stacked even higher. But there were no dogs in the room. That's just not classy, babe.

Anna Nicole Smith's Death:

Full disclosure: I fucked tits that big once.

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