Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hey "Lost"...

Don't dumb yourself down for the audience when you come back tomorrow. Fuck those dimwits who want answers right away. "Lost" is the greatest television drama. On TV or on HBO. Unlike the HBO dramas, "Lost" is open-ended. It trusts the viewers to make connections; to find their own answers.

These people who whine about "Lost" stringing viewers along are the same people who:

* hate Shakespeare's sonnets because he may or may not be talking to a dude
* need every joke to start with those three magic words: "What's up with..."
* hate Rocky because Balboa loses at the end
* think the morals of a "Full House" episode are too ambiguous

"Lost" is a character-driven show. Yes, there is the occasional mind-blowing plot twist. But this show was always more concerned with atmosphere than action. So take your time explaining the smoke monster. Or don't explain it at all. Andy Kaufman didn't dumb down his act after becoming one of ABC's biggest money makers. Neither should you.

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Jerell said...

I've given up with Lost. I just hope they don't end the series with a autistic child shaking a snow globe (I hope you got the St. Elsewhere reference).