Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More and More Comedians Quit Day Jobs

According to WaPo, there is indeed another comedy boom. But this time, comedy is not merely a stepping stone to a career in Hollywood. Indeed, many people are seeing stand-up as a career in itself.

Mecurio, with two Emmy awards for his work on "The Daily Show," is among the growing ranks of Americans turning to comedy for a more satisfying career or extra cash, says Tom Sobel, president of TSM Artists, an agency that books comics.

I was kidding about that whole yuppie comedy scene article I wrote, but beyond the influx of yuppies into comedy, more companies are incorporating comedic seminars into their training.

A successful comedian has many of the attributes that are essential to climbing the corporate ladder -- ease with speaking in public, strong interpersonal skills and intuitive knowledge of how to put an audience at ease with a laugh. Companies are incorporating comedy into training.

So that's why I don't have a full-time job Maybe this stems from my unfortunate dalliance with LSD in college, but I would find tragedy training an easier way to get laughs than comedy training.

So let's look the latest quarterly report. We've lost more sales in July than Poland has lost troops in Iraq. Now there's a reason this pie graph looks like the ambiguous genitalia of an aborted foetus...

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