Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Casual Comedy

Ebaum's:MySpace, YouTube, Google Video
Microsoft Solitaire: Newgrounds, Digg

Casual games
started out as built-in Windows programs like Solitaire and Minesweeper.Then, more websites featured user-submitted video games, leading to far more creative, idiosyncratic time-wasters. Same thing is happening with comedy. Back then Ebaums's, like Microsoft, decided what you would play. Now with YouTube, Google Video and MySpace video (which is surprisingly more popular than YouTube and Google) the crowd, not some dude in Rochester, decides what it wants to see. This explains why Ebaum's traffic is taking a nosedive

Just like any medium, the web has increasingly featured more sophisticated works. Now we're watching sketch comedy

as opposed to The World's Dumbest Videos on Ebaum's (note: their embed codes suck)

Americans are finally getting smarter about politics (as evinced by Bush's increasing unpopularity) and comedy (we can now predict that 9 out of 10 videos on Ebaum's will have someone bust their ass).

Which means I have to retire my script for the video I was gonna put up on Ebaum's:

A Wedge Between Us

a screenplay by Mo!


Medium shot; two men, Mike and Jamie.

JAMIE (softly):Hey Mike.
MIKE: (turns around gets a wedgie)
JAMIE: Haha, faggot!

(fade to black, show graphic on chiron for http://www.mocomedy.blogspot.com)


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