Monday, September 25, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #24: Styx, "Show Me the Way"

I was a conservative until I turned seventeen. Throughout Gulf War I, I wore a sweatshirt to gym class that said "We came, we saw, we kicked ass!"

The first Friday Mass after that war (my mom sent me to Catholic school even though neither of us was Catholic) Father Frank criticized the war. As a budding military geek who played flight simulators on the PC and built model airplanes, I was infuriated. Then he played Styx's "Show Me the Way" to the congregation. What? Anti-Bush Christian rock? My head was about to explode, but I loved the song and was transforming into a peacenik. Whenever I saw that sepia-tinted video on VH-1, I would reflect on peace and all that yucky folkie garbage.

Today, anti-war rockers are a dime a dozen. Disturbed and Yo La Tengo have spoken out. But back then, Styx was the most prominent anti-war rock band. Whoever said the worse the times are the better the music is was right.

BONUS: Styx might have been the best media theorists of the 20th century.

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sammyray said...

Styx is the most atrocious thing to happen in the 20th century.

Yep, worse than the Holocaust.

Yep, worse than the Great Depression.

Yep, worse than Paris Hilton's birth.

For all of you Styx ninnies out there, I present to you exhibit A:

"Mister Roboto."

The Motherfucking End.