Thursday, September 21, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #22: Mellow Man Ace, "Mentirosa"

This video is so old school, it has a typewriter and instead of showing thongs, it shows legs. When I was fifteen, I learned little in Spanish class, but I knew how to cuss out a mentirosa (liar) in seconds flat thanks to Mellow Man. Love the typeritten translations across the bottom of the screen. Between this, the Pearl Jam lyrics booklet in the CD jewel case of Ten and the Se7en opening credits sequence, typewriter font was all the rage in the '90's.
The Santana sample was better than the source material. In this video our hero gives his testimony against this alleged tramp (the girl often makes snappy comebacks like "A skeezer? Don't be calling me no skeezer!"). Mellow Man Ace also masquerades as a priest listening to Mentriosa's confessions. So he's a plaintiff and a priest. The trial takes place in a church with God being the judge presumably. At 3:39, Kennedy does a sexy dance. No need to spoil the gripping plot: watch this video. It's viejo escuela.

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