Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Top 40 Blogs By and For Comedians

Though Dane Cook may be the most popular comedian on MySpace, with over a million friends, he is nowhere to be found in the blogosphere. Indeed, many of the blogs that made the list are written by women and/or Asians, a far cry from the frat party that mainstream stand-up has become. Here are the top 40 blogs on Technorati(at this time) either written by comedians or about comedians.

Can't one just type in "comedian" into Technorati's blog directory and see what the top 40 blogs are for themselves? No; since most of these blogs aren't claimed, they are not tagged with words like "comedian" or "stand-up." Thus important blogs like "Aziz is Bored" or "Gothamist" don't appear in the search.

These blogs came from the following sources:

*Technorati, after I entered "comedian," "stand-up," "stand-up comedy" into the blog directory search engine

* the blogrolls/linklists of The Apiary, The Bastion, A Special Thing, Chicks and Giggles, Drink at Work

* my bookmarks (Gothamist, Apiary, Best Week Ever)

Each of these blogs was entered into Technorati's blog directory. The higher their rank, the higher they were placed on the list.
Technorati ranks blogs by how many inbound links they receive as well as how many other blogs link to them.
I did not include MySpace blogs because, unlike regular blogs, you cannot comment on them unless you are the blogger's friend. Moreover, most MySpace blogs do not have a Technorati rank. Not even Dane Cook's MySpace blog.

Of course there may have been blogs I overlooked. If so, submit them in the comments and I will enter them if they fit the following criteria:

a) they have a Technorati rank of 174,135 or higher
b) they are written either by professional or amateur comedians
c) if they are not written by comedians, they have to at least focus on stand-up.

Since Internet traffic is difficult to track, please understand that the places of the blogs on the list are subject to change and these were the ranks at the time of this writing. Some blogs will fall in rank, some will rise.

Check these blogs out. The ones in the italics are about comedians. The rest are written by comics.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Somebody convinced me to put Gawker on the list , so some of the blogs have moved down a notch. Nevertheless, one of the blogs was removed because it had no connection to comedians or stand-up except for the fact that it was tagged with the word "comedian," so some of you still have the same rank.
1) Gawker (often links to comedians' blogs; Alex Blagg writes for them)
2) Gothamist(has many interviews with comics)
3) Best Week Ever (comedians Michelle Collins and Alex Blagg blog for them and stand-up comics often make guest appearances on the "Best Night Ever" segments)
4) Margaret Cho
5) Drink at Work
6) Bob Powers
7) The Sound of Young America
8) Aziz Ansari
9) Gelf(has many of Keith Huang's interviews with comics)
10) Dead Frog
11) The Apiary
12) Todd Levin
13) Gigglechick
14) Charlie Hatton
15) Liam McEneany
16) Chelsea Peretti
17) Hurty Elbow
18) Jen Dziura
19) Kate Spencer
20) Lang Fisher
21) Jack Kukoda/Carolyn Castiglia
22)Brian Palmer (has many interivews with comedians)
23) Claudia Cogan/Dan Allen
24) Bex Schwartz
25) Chicks and Giggles**
26) Chris Kula/Shecky
27) Brandy Barber
28) Lianne Stokes
29) Jessica Delfino
30) Chris Regan/Susie Felber/The Bastion/Baron Vaughn
31) Sara Alloco
32) Michael Showalter/Best Show on WFMU
33) Will Hines
34) Christian Finnegan
35) Benari Poulten/Rachael Parenta
36) MC Creighton/The Ointment** (often interviews comedians on his Wednesday episodes)
37) Brody Stevens
38) Anthony King/Becky Yamamoto
39) Desiree Burch
40) Giulia Rozzi

** both focus on and are written by stand-up comedians

UPDATE: Gigglechick, Jen is Famous, Carolyn Castiglia,Susie Felber, Benari Poulten, Baron Vaughn, Claudia Cogan, Bex Schwartz, The Sound of Young America, The Bastion, Hurty Elbow and Drink at Work are tops on my list for linking to me. Thanks.


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gigglechick said...

hey thanks for the link! woo! #12

now i have to get back onstage (it's been a few months) so i can be considered "also a comic" again.


JenIsFamous said...

Who's searching her own name on Technorati late at night? That would be me. Thanks for the ranking and link!!

Jen of jenisfamous.com

Mo! said...

No problem people. Remember, Technorati is a fickle little child, so if your rank dips (like mine did) don't fret. At least you made the list.

Carol said...

#4! ROCK! Thanks, Mo!

Crap, now we gotta earn that.

Mo! said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mo! said...

No problemo

Nichelle said...

Thanks for doing this research. I ego-google "Chicks and Giggles" all the time, if only to make sure no one is using the name!

Todd Jackson said...

#9 - Not bad. Still, it gives me an incentive to post more. Thanks Mo!

Todd Jackson said...

#9 - Not bad. Still, it gives me an incentive to post more. Thanks Mo!

The Crespo said...

Yeah. I'm a part of something ranked! The Crespo is climbing his way to the middle!

gigglechick said...

funny, isn't it, Nichelle. i check to make sure the same thing doesn't happen with my site's name.

(and jen, yeah, i was searching my name on technorati as well.)

Giulia said...

Well this has been quite the day of ups and downs for me.You top 50 lists are quite popular as well. By the by it's Giulia, not Guilia.Thanks for your support anyhoo Mo, I'm not sure who you are but I think you're swell.

Mo! said...

Look at the bright side: because you were bumped off, I gave you the spotlight above the list. Kind of like when you do an open mike at the Bowery Poetry club and you are picked last in the lottery, they bump you up to #11.

Mo! said...

And Giulia's back on!

Susie said...

I would like to thank my agent, Mo!, and the academy of Arts and Pseudosciences. {cry cry, make neck tight and stringy like Paltrow, cry cry, dab dab]. Hoo ha! Thanks!

Mo! said...

Thank you for linking to me.
If your agent is anything like Ari, I'm putting you at #1.

Baron said...

Wow. I'm gonna have to comment myself. Thanks for the mention. I'm very original. Uh...thanks...for the uh...mention. DAMMIT! To hell with my brain!

Mo! said...

Thank you for commenting. Most people can't get past that word verification thingie I use to screen spambots, but you did. Now when you say "Comedy is for Humans" I believe that you are human and not a spambot.

Yeah, my wits are pretty blunted too.

Charlie said...

Yo Mo!

Thanks for the mention! Like Erin, I need to get my hiney back in front of a mic soon to maintain the title of '(aspiring) comic'.

Otherwise, I'm not sure how long my boob jokes and funny faces will cut it. I'll get right on it.

Thanks again!

Jill said...

Yay! Gives me something to strive for, and a whole bunch of new blogs to read.

Mo! said...

Yes, makes me want to try harder as well.

Benari said...

cool. Thanks for the link!

Sniff. I feel so special...well, 35th-out-of-40 special, but that's pretty darn special.

Mo! said...

Yeah man congrat. Actually thank Drink at Work for putting you on their blogroll. They introduced me to you.

K-Rock said...

Ohhh... I guess the Fangirl really IS dead. =(

Oh well. I guess I will continue to pretend to be a real journalist.

Hi Mo. I'm K-Rock. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the shout to the Bastion!

Bella Rossa said...

Ditto what my sis K-Rock said. The Bastion hearts Mo! You've started a delightful mock fight between us and Susie Felber. Thanks for that.

Mo! said...

The Bastion hearts me? Maybe I should move to Chicago and build my fanbase over there. It sure ain't working in New York.

claudia said...

Thanks, Mo. I'll have to carefully inspect Dan Allen's blog to see what 23 completely means.

Mo! said...

His blog is due for an inspection

Blogger said...

I really enjoy Larry Miller's blog. He writes for the Weekly Standard and most people know him from movies & TV. Mo, you should check it out, he's really funny.

bex said...

Hey Mo! I am superspecial supremely honored. And embarassed I didn't find out about this until just now, but please forgive me, because I was in Miami with Hulk Hogan and Danny Bonaduce (because THAT is the glamorous life of a VH1 employee). Thanks for the lurf!
love and kisses,

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Years ago I listened to a comedianon the radio in Canada. He talked about Fisherman Friend throat drops, about being in Vancouver and being the only blackman around when police came to a bar, I can not remember his name,
thanks for any help

raheel said...

hey thanks for the link ...

Anonymous said...

Aries Spears has great comedy albums! I laugh for hours - swear to God!
Here's the info about him, and where you can find his albums:




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Sarah said...

ugh i love him too...check that shizz out!

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Anonymous said...

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Tarra Slovan said...

i never heard of jen.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Jose said...

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Brett said...

Hey Mo'. Man, I've been checking out the blog. Thanks for all the info. I am a new blogger. I have a comedy Blog called Brett and The City.

Please check it out for your list. I'd most definitely appreciate it. I'll be following your blog man.

Any kind of advice you can throw my way would be helpful.

Happy New Year Bro-

Jessica Delfino said...

Thanks for this! Fascinating info -- who knew? I didn't, even though sometimes (key of E) "I google myself...I google myself..."

Welsh Comedian said...

A great big list there.
keep up the good work!

Alan said...

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Alan said...

No, dude. Click my name for the link.

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Andy Sauerwein said...

Hey Mo,

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Anonymous said...

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Stephen Vincenz said...

Missed a great one

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Anonymous said...

Check out The Agency Files over at
Funny stuff!!

Anonymous said...

Already waiting for the next year's edition of Satyrykon in Legnica, Poland. A lot of fresh, hilariuos comedy from all over Europe. Here's a report from this year


Hope to see you there in 2014!

Anonymous said...

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Norm said...

This is an exciting list. I like clean comedy that I can watch with my kids. Hopefully I'll be able to go through the entire list in the next few weeks. Thank you for your post.

Jacky said...

Great Post, Thanks for the list. http://www.jesuscoffeebreak.com/stand-up-comedy/

Anonymous said...

Here's another goddamn idiot . . . . http://traffic.libsyn.com/frankshow/StupidPodcast.mp3

Dave Celestian said...

Good info. I think I met you in NYC possibly, not totally sure tho.
Take care!!

mohamediacomedy said...

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Kyle Lewis said...


Just trying to break into the comedic blog scene.

LOL HUB said...

Haha ya this is great. Funny!


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Anonymous said...


Ohmygoodness.. gross but soo funny!

Half comedian said...

Hey, um, you know I have a comedy blog too. But I don't mind not being on this list, I mean, it really doesn't matter anyway, and it isn't that funny anyway. Here's the link
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Schmana said...

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Anonymous said...

Funniest moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quWqXZW9dwg

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