Friday, September 22, 2006

Zach Braff: Music Tastemaker By Day, Comedy Tastemaker By Night

Zach Braff doesn't only introduce us to adult contemporary indie bands. He also wants to give us a sample of alternative comedy. David Cross's Tobias Funke character on "Arrested Development" will be revived on "Scrubs" if it's the last thing the Braff does (considering his latest flop, it might be).

Braff introduced many people to good bands like The Shins, so David Cross is The Shins of this comedy tastemaking venture. But for every Shins the Braff includes quasi-indie easy-listening bullshit into the Braff Pack. Here are some other comics Braff might like that are kind of alternative, but sensitive as well:

Pussywillow: Pussywillow is an alternative LA comic who talks about heartbreaks he has suffered from all the pink robots he's known before. Yes, he makes a cheesy Flaming Lips reference.

Jodi Menuda: A female comedy musician who sings about how men love Nintendo football while playing the accordian.

Zach Braff Emo Tragedian: Straight from the mall, Emo Tragedian does stand-up tragedy. People laugh at how he cries at the most mundane things. Here's a sample:

My mom bought me a shirt from Hot Topic like I asked her too. But it wasn't a Fall Out Boy shirt; it was a Family Guy shirt. Waaah! I went to the food court and Sbarro's had no chicken francaise so I settled for a Cinnabon but I wanted something salty! Waaaah!

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