Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #25: Mother Love Bone, "Stardog Champion"

Getiing into grunge at age 16 (1992) I dug deep into its history. I listened to Green River, Mudhoney and Mother Love Bone. Mother Love Bone had all the members from Pearl Jam except Eddie Vedder so they really interested me. Lead singer Andrew Wood died of a heroin overdose before this video was released. Most of the kids in my class hated MLB. One metal nerd was happy that Wood OD'd. To this day, it seems that few commemorate their music. Post-grunge fans flock to Nickelback, alternative fans blast emo in their daddy's Ford Escort, indie snobs disdain virtually all things grunge. So enough about me and the scene and let's enjoy the legacy of Andrew Wood that lives on: his music. I wisht there a way to write about death without sounding hokey, but there isn't. Just watch the video.

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sammyray said...

A rock group consisting of the members of Pear Jam minus Eddie Vedder has 100% less chance to piss me off and send me into epileptic fits of rage.

Yet, I still can't say I like that song.