Friday, September 15, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #18: Black Crowes, "Jealous Again"

The Black Crowes were the Hold Steady of the early '90's. Hold Steady is the bar band that hipsters respect; Black Crowes were the bar band that metalheads liked. Was there a nerd/dork who couldn't relate to this song? It was the only love song this lonely 14-year old North African-American metal geek could relate to.

Chris Robinson's pro-pot stance scared me. At a time when Aerosmith and Motley Crue were making explicitly anti-drug statements, I felt guilty for liking the Brothers Robinsons' evil demon weed blooze boogie. What's worse, this girl in second-period earth science almost made me cry when she told me she saw Axl Rose sniffing some booger sugar. Nowadays I'm shocked when rock stars like Jack White don't do coke.

The video was revolutionary for its time because it was the only rock video that MTV played in the daytime where none of the members had make-up or crazy hair. Indeed, these guys paved the way for rock that wasn't necessarily metal or glam.

Of course the song is more timely than ever considering Kowen WilHudson.

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