Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #12: Kidd Video Theme

Before I had MTV, I watched different music shows like Friday Night Videos, Wolf Rock TV, American Bandstand, Soul Train, Solid Gold and Kidd Video. "Kidd Video" was many things: a music video showcase; a DIC cartoon; a live-action predecessor to "Saved by the Bell"; a solo performer;a band;a show that got you beat up if you admitted you watched it.

At eight years old, I mainly listened to the solo pop musicians of the time like Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson and Kidd Video. Even back then I knew Kidd's music was stinky, but he could enter the cartoon dimension. Plus I loved what Kidd stood for: standing up to the cartoon corporate slavemasters. Nowadays, we use Pitchork, mp3 bloggers, Pandora and YouTube to fight the cartoon rock villains of our time. Indeed, the internet is the Flipside and Clear Channel is the modern day Master Blaster.

But keyboards will never be as cool as keytars.

(courtesy of efil)

BONUS: An actual Kidd Video music video that gets its geek on talking about video technology and Kidd's sex appeal courtesy of toolbot (look for the money shot of the keytar at 1:38)

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