Thursday, September 28, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #27: Anthrax and Public Enemy, "Bring the Noise"

When I was 15 (1991) I was a metalhead. Like most heads, I liked some pop-metal and had a love/hate relationship with Metallica. But nobody topped Anthrax. It was a NY thing I guess. Back then they were very interesting. Most bands looked gloomy - they smiled in pictures. They were also the only thrash band to wear shorts while the rest had jeans on. I first heard of the phrase "I'm the man" from Anthrax.

When this video was released, my whole 10th grade class was singing it. For the first time, I felt protective of a band. As this Wesleyan indie rock DJ says in this decent article on indie culture on CNN that I learned about from Coolfer

I feel it's an affront to me that someone with vapid tastes could be exposed to the stuff that I like.

Oh relax. I was fifteen at the time (though imagine how I felt when the jocks in my class started to like Nirvana four months after I did).

This video, more than the Aerosmith/Run DMC video, held more promise of black and white unity. With the latter, it seemed like the two acts were competing, with a tacked-on reconciliation at the end. Public Anthrax seemed poised to stick their fists in Bush Sr.'s face.

Nowadays Scott Ian from Anthrax does videos with Brian Posehn (check the bonus section). Flavor Flav has ladies shit on his floor. But back then Anthrax and Public Enemy brought the...well, you know.


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