Sunday, September 17, 2006

New Hip-Hop Subcultures

Oh Word writes about the death of white hip-hop. With RJD2 rebranding himself as an electronica folkie and most of the Anticon guys turning into indie rockers, Sacha Orenstein concludes that white hip-hop is pretty much dead.

Whether this is true or not, there are definitely some seismic changes going on in hip-hop. Truth is I know some hip-hop scenes that are so obscure and underground, they cannot even be linked to. So besides puppet hip-hop and nerdcore, here are the new scenes in hip-hop:

Insurance Rap

MCs are known for their outstanding claims. Insurance rappers like Collision are all the rage in SoBro, the original home of hip-hop. Collision raps about all the seedy undertakings in the insurance game: rim insurance fraud, pretending to live in Pennsylvania for cheaper insurance, fake-ass herbs like the Gecko.

Defense Attorney Hip-Hop

Every gangsta needs a lawyer. Mind you, none of these rappers are lawyers; they are law students with awful grades. Indeed, many times they answer popular rap songs, explaining how the murders that rappers typically describe couldn't have happened, reducing the unwilling defendant's cred. "If biggie shot dred in the head/He wouldn't have time to take the bread and the lambspread," is one of the more notorious lyrics to come out of the scene. Some of the more popular rappers include the Def Attorneys and the Star Lawyers.


This is the most underground scene of all. Elected officials in white ski masks drop the sickest, most twisted shit about guns, fucking up black people, bitch slapping sand niggas and stealing elections. One of these rappers chose the foolishly obvious tag "Dubya1946."

UPDATE: Thanks for having a sense of humor, Oh Word.


lil Johnny said...

White Hip hop isn't dead yet.I'm going to be a rapper someday.
I liked that 80's vidieo with Dr.Dre , I didn't know he was that old.

Mo! said...

Yeah he's older than the white race.

Keep dreaming li'l Johnny. Just remember; it ain't white rap that's dying it's the backpack scene. If your
shit is tight you will be paid. Shoot, look at Paul Wall.

R2K said...

Ive never heard of any of this rap. I dont think white rap is dead, just look at my nigga Paul Wall!

Cibbuano said...

Hip hop is just on the verge of getting as annoying as 'electronica' was a few years ago...

Mo! said...

Hmm, I wonder when electronica got annoying? Oh that Dirty Vegas song "Without You." With that freaky white chic dancing in the Nissan commercial that Dave Chappelle made fun of.