Wednesday, September 13, 2006

LGF: Rip-off of 1930s German Kids' Book

I used to let my son read Little Green Footballs because the title seemed innocent. When I read it, I thought it was funny as all get out. Unfortunately, none of it is original. I don't mind my son reading hate speech. But the reason I don't let him read anything by Hezbollah or Hamas is because their literature is derivative of the Nazis. Well turns out that some readers of LGF have been stealing from this 1930s German kids' book I learned about on Boing Boing. What's poor Charlie Johnson to do? He can't track down all the comments on his page! I figured I would help him find these thieves.

The Inconspicuous Enemy

The Toadstool
"Just as it is often hard to tell a toadstool from an edible mushroom, so too it is often very hard to recognize the Jew as a swindler and criminal..."

Little Green Footballs
"Okay here comes the splash of cold water. Are you sure the writer is Muslim? Are you sure he is not engaging in taquiya? The fine Muslim art of lying through his teeth."

On Cleanliness


"Just look at these guys! The louse-infested beards! The filthy, protruding ears..."

Little Green Footballs

"We should realize that because we refuse (except maybe you perhaps) to convert to islam, it is our fault the filthy Arab animals, the islamic animals you defend, are out raping little girls and boys, beheading men and women and killing anyone and everyone who does not bow down to them in the name of allah."

That Darn Book

The Toadstool

"In the Talmud it is written: 'Only the Jew is human. Gentile peoples are not called humans, but animals.'"

Little Green Footballs

"Because it's in the Koran
It's written in the Koran
That we should fight and slay the infidels
However we can"

Cruelty to Animals

The Toadstool

"The animal fell once more to the ground. Slowly it died. The Jews stood around and laughed."

Little Green Footballs

"Gratuitous Arab cruelty to animals is an underexplored topic."

The Struggle

The Toadstool

"He spoke of the Jews and their revolting crimes. He spoke of the great danger the Jews were to the whole world.

'Without a solution of the Jewish question, No salvation for Mankind!'"

Little Green Footballs

"The way I see it, the War on Terror...'It's Islam, Stooopid!'"
I need to find something for my son that does not rip off the Nazis. Maybe the Internet is a dangerous place for children after all. Oh, here's a nice book on camps.

UPDATE: Thanks LGF Watch!


Cibbuano said...

that's pretty funny... did you see the 'alphabet' book by the gun lobby group? Pretty funny as well...

Mo! said...

What's the first page?

"A is for 'AAAAAAAGH!!!!!!'?