Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #21: Apache, "Gangsta Bitch"

No personal anecdote here. My girlfriend wants this video up and I'm in a rush.

If I did have a personal anecdote about this it would go like this:

Yeah I remember Gangsta Bitch. With all those gangsta bitches. Yeah, it was funny and smooth. The beat was tight. That video - LOL! Back in the day. I never heard the words Gangsta Bitch before. I love the part when he goes "Gangsta Bitch." My favorite part of the song. Without it, there would be no "Gangsta Bitch."


Mo! said...

The videos taking a long time to load, dickhead.

Cibbuano said...

Are you just insulting yourself?

That song rocks! Wow, gansta rappers are really stereotyping themselves, aren't they?