Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #17: Elvis Costello and the Attractions, "Radio, Radio"

Though this song came out in 1978, I didn't see the video until I was 13. It was on Classic MTV with Martha Quinn in 1989 (I must give credit to nnaw's comment on the page for reminding me of this show ). I used to think of Elvis Costello as the douchebag who sang "Veronica" and really needed to get a new first name. This video changed everything. Long before Rivers Cuomo of Weezer rocked the coke bottles that now seem ubiquitous in the LES, I identified with Elvis because he wore glasses and rocked hard. After seeing this video, I wore my specs with pride.

Of course the song has only become more relevant with Clear Channel's domination of the airwaves, the fall of modern rock radio in New York, the popularity of right-wing talk show hosts and the end of Air America. Luckily, we have blogs, webzines and YouTube so they can't "anesthetize the way that [we] feel." Enjoy the "sound salvation" of "Radio, Radio."

(courtesy of rudycat2)

BONUS: Why Elvis will always be more punk rock than Panic! at the Disco could ever hope to be.

(courtesy of blackkeno)

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