Thursday, September 28, 2006

Hottest Alt-Comics on iTunes

According to Todd Jackson's wonderful Dead Frog blog here are the top five alt-comedy albums on iTunes this week.

5) Brian Posehn, Live in Nerd Rage (54 on iTunes)
4) David Cross, Shut Up You Fucking Baby (37 on iTunes)
3) David Cross, It's Not Funny (36 on iTunes)
2) Mike Birbiglia, Two Drink Mike (29 on iTunes)
1) Patton Oswalt, Feelin' Kinda Patton (#24 on iTunes)

So Sarah Silverman might be the most searched-for alt- comic, Posehn might have the most MySpace friends and Bob Powers might have the highest ranked blog on Technorati but when he's not the king of AST or goofing off with the King of Queens, Patton Oswalt is the king of alt-comedy on iTunes.

Far and away the youngest alt-comedian making waves is Mike Birbiglia and he deserves it. I still tell his rap jokes to myself in the car and chuckle my ass off.

In general chart news, Weird Al topples Dane Cook. Revenge of the nerds indeed!

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Cibbuano said...

I never get tired of David Cross... electric scissors, indeed!