Thursday, September 28, 2006

Moby Schtick: The World's Longest Joke (Part 4)

Previously on Moby Schtick

"My third wish, now that I can feel pleasure, is to get a massage."

The genie teleported Bill O'Reilly onto the ship. Bill got out the loofah and falafel and rubbed that chicken tenderly. At the end, the chicken said "That was half-assed." Bill turned to the genie and winked. "I only like the right wing."

As if the genie's job could not get worse, washed-up '90's rapper Skee-Lo stepped forward.

This Skee-Lo

After the video was over, the genie said "Lemme guess-"

"Allow me," said Skee.

"I wish I was a little bit taller."

"Sigh, wish granted."

"I wish I was a baller."

"You're gonna drag this out aren't you. Wish granted."

"I wish I had a Big Mac for a dollar."


"Allow my boys from Oh Word to demonstrate"

The genie said "You know what-"


Stay tuned for what will either be a smackdown or a MACdown in the EXPLOSIVE SERIES FINALE.

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