Friday, September 15, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #19: Michel'le, "No More Lies"

I'm doing two RVPs today because I didn't do one yesterday. I crashed went to bed too early.It's been a while since this segment has featured a pop video, so let me take you back to 1990 and the song that rocked the crowd at the eighth grade dance: Michel'le, "No More Lies." First thing you'll notice: Dr. Dre is making the phone call. Second thing: Michel'le brushes him off. She never had a hit after that. Just saying.What shocked me was that the same girl sang that chipmunk part of the song. I assumed it was Steve Urkel. Even stranger was the chorus. At one point it sounds like she's saying "Scream for Mario II." Which is silly because everyone knows Super Mario II was almost as bad as Mario Sunshine. But who am I to argue with Urkel?

1 comment:

Cibbuano said...

what the hell is DRE doing?

I love the idea of a song called 'Scream for Mario II'