Friday, September 01, 2006

Panic! at the Disco: My New Band to Hate

Up until this year, Limp Bizkit was the band I hated most. But when Panic! won best video at the VMAs last night, I found a new bane.

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Besides that pathetic bottle-throwing incident, it seems like others don't respect Panic!

The only unscripted moment of mayhem came when some unidentified person crashed the acceptance speech of Panic! At the Disco, who won video of the year for "I Write Sins Not Tragedies." Before any group member got to say a word, the crasher took the mic, giving shout outs to rapper Remy Ma and saying, "MTV never gave me my own show!" before making way for the winners.

According to the beeb, here are their influences:

Third Eye Blind, Queen, Fleetwood Mac and Counting Crows

A "punk" band inspired by Counting Crows and Third Eye Blind? I've seen it all now.

This band is the epitome of why MTV has stopped being hip. Let's look at a list of the past rock winners for Video of the Year:

1984: The Cars, "You Might Think"
1986: Dire Straits, "Money for Nothing"
1989: Neil Young, "This Note's for You"
1991: REM, "Losing my Religion"
1992: Van Halen, "Right Now"
1993: Pearl Jam, "Jeremy"
1994: Aerosmith, "Cryin'"
1996: Smashing Pumpkins, "Tonight, Tonight"
2004: Outkast, "Hey Ya"
2005: Green Day, "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
2006: Petard! at the Disco, "Generic Emo Fecal Matter"

Only Dire Straits approaches the crest of suck that Podunk! has established.

Here are some more factoids:

* They are from Las Vegas, home of The Killers and the shittiest hair metal band in history, Slaughter
* They hated the idea of being on TRL. "Due to their 'indie' and internet root, the group did not especially like the idea of appearing on TRL, since a lot of fans would consider this move 'going mainstream.'" What? Dane Cook is more indie than these dickfers.
*"Fall Out Boy introduced their performance, and touted Panic! as 'a band whose songs we wish we would've written.'" Um, I'm pretty sure you did write them.
* the lead singer looks like a cross between Willy Wonka and a guy who really sucks
* if their music were a color, it would be vomit orange with specks of green and red
* I added the exclamation point to my name before I heard of this band. They should change it not me because their exclamation point is in the middle of a sentence.
* What does that mean anyway, Panic! at the Disco? Is that a reference to "Freaks and Geeks" when hard rocker Nick is caught by his friends boogying at the disco? If so it makes sense because I can only imagine embarrasment for anyone caught at one of their shows at a music festival.
* this music sucks so much it retroactively nullifies the value of the good punk bands that preceded it. Now whenever I hear the Sex Pistols, I will be forced to imagine that Moron Rouge imagery from "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies."
* they really don't write tragedies. That's MTV's job.


Cibbuano said...

when did MTV stop being hip? I think sometime in the 90s, when they stopped playing music videos..

Anonymous said...

check this panic video out!!

ilovebrendon said...

Just because they're getting somewhere on the charts and the people you like aren't.
And everybody I know knows it. They rule. Please don't hate them. They didn't do anything wrong. Connie =(
and my friend staz: trust me she is obseesed with them her room is filled with their pictures and her dream is to meet them take me with you!!!!!!! pat d if ure reading this make her dream come true ..........coz then she'll shut up :D

Anonymous said...


necr0phelia said...

Oh please. The above comment is rude and brash.
Panic on the Titanic deserve to die. Pretty much like you.
And using the word "rock" in the same sentence as them, would make true rock gods shudder.
So shut up.

MoesbyIsGod said...

I agree strongly with necro.

Brendon Urine Sample and RyHoe are the least talented people I have ever come across.

Their careers are being supported by dellusional fan girls who actually believe they have a chance with a band member, who are obviously more interested in getting money now and failling into a happy retirement by the age of 27.

Hopefully, someday 15 year old girls who cover themselves in eyeliner and converse will realise they never were emo, never will be emo and neither were there precious 'BANDFOLYFFZ' or until the next fad marketed by Pete Wentz rolls along.

sweetislame said...

I totally agree, moesbyisgod. For your views and your username. Nice.

The emo fad is as gay as funk music. And that is a lot of gay.

Where do you think My Chemical Romance have gone? Yes, that's right, they died. You don't see them anymore. Exactly.

Both of them have survived severe bottling. I will shake the hand of the brave hero who knocked Urine Sample out. What a shot!

That video on Youtube is BOOKMARKED.


Lookatthecowabove said...


doesyourcapslockwork? said...

Can you USE a spacebar?

If so, smash it against your head, faggy wemo.

One invite to the ceremonial burning of Pretty.Lame on Saturday night.

Who are these Freaks?? said...

OBVIOUSLY some people are TOO stupid to realise that i was using a spacebar and if all you can say back is about the caps lock then you obviously dont have a very good argument for Panic.

If you think panic are emo's then you must be VERY depressed people because panic are actually one of the HAPPIEST bands i know.

LISTEN TO PRETTY. ODD. before you burn it bitches. Its about happiness OR DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH!!.

I'll give you lessons if you want?

Heres your first one: GET LOST LOSERS!!


ILUVPAN!C said...


haha said...

Thanks for that.
It's oh-so-entertaining to hear people bitching about things they don't even really know anything about! SERIOUSLY, to whoever wrote this GET A LIFE.
Since when have Panic (there's no ! anymore :]) claimed they're "emo" or "rock" or whatever the hell else you're claiming them to be. Answer: Never. Those are just labels YOU'RE giving them- and no matter how much you label them- their music still rocks. They're just panic at the disco and that's what they play-
keep in mind please THEYRE FREAKING 21! think about it. Where YOU making records at 17 and achieving more in your teens than some people do in a lifetime? Er no! They're still discovering themselves and their music. Most people haven't figured out what they're even gonna do at Panic's ages so give them a break! They also proved that they can do totally different stuff going from A Fever You Can't Sweat Out to Pretty.Odd.
And a lot more changes are bound to come.
lastly- if you know so freakin` much why aren't you up there making music? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T!
You hide behind your sad lil' computer screen but I'd LOVE to see you say it to Panic members' faces.

Anonymous said...

Sad Little Smart Assed Freak

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love the way you say they are a rubbish. Just because you don't like them, does not mean they are rubbish. Those two facts are completely and utterly mutually exclusive, and to be honest, I don't think anyone cares one jot, one iota about your opinion on this subject matter.
I stumbled across this blog out of boredom, and I can honestly say that your oh-so 'witty' observation would only be funny to someone as small minded, arrogant and unjustly self assured as yourself.
I like Panic at The Disco, and I don't care what you say. Nothing coming from the blog of someone who can't even make remarks that have been churned out by numerous respected websites funny means anything to me.
You not, in the slightest, most miniscule way, changed my mind, amused me or showed any competence in language, wit or intelligence.

lor235 said...

if you hate panic at the disco then why would you know so much about them you must not have a life if you just look up a band that you hate you should feel really stupid

Anonymous said...

You're such a fucking asshole!
your just doing this because you are jealous of the fame they have. You're an immature bastard who needs to move out of his mothers basement.
Seriously, stop hating on this band & get a life.

Anonymous said...

Let me point out a few things.
1) Brendon, the lead singer, stated that he hated Vegas. so don't hate P!ATD because of where they come from.
2) Ryan Ross, the guitarist, writes the songs. Not Fall Out Boy.
3) I personally think the lead singer is adorable. He's a really funny and sweet guy.
4) The name of the band is a line from a song they like.
5) And they shouldn't have to take out the explanation mark. They probably have no idea your blog exists.
6) And lastly, if their music would be a color, it would be red. the color of roses and blood and sexy lipstick.

And try listening to their music from a lyrical perspective. then maybe you'll appreciate them.

panic!rocks said...

BITCH GET A LIFE! like you have no role models and WTF Is the username 'mosebyisgod' what you like Dumb life Of Crack and Phoney? PANIC ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

You may not like them, but respect them. They're role models to some of us.

Anonymous said...

whoever hates panic at the disco FUCK YOU you are so stupid no one cares about your opinions all of you suck.Go to hell whoever posted this get a life and necr0phelia,EXACTLY. go fuck a corpse and die with it

Anonymous said...

and other anonymous above exactly! they're my role models i grew up listening to them since i was like 2!

Anonymous said...

er actually not 2 i was like 4 and brendon is adorable! hes so funny look at his vines on youtube from this year they're awesome!

Eliza Gallo said...

I'm sorry but your telling someone to get a life because they don't have the same tast as you, but if your going to look up hate blogs and then through a fucking fit about it I think your the one who needs to get a life

Anonymous said...

They changed, now all they want is money... Panic at the disco and Fall out boy are now sellouts and those who were former fans are pretty much delivering hate. Face it, THEY ARE NOT ROCK, THEY ARE JUST POP!!!! Don't dare associate "rock" with those guys! If so, then they are pretty much giving rock a bad name! Trust me, I KNOW rock, examples are My Chemical Romance and All Time Low, and they stayed who they are! Panic at the disco and fall out boy are no longer rock, they are pop guys. They are sellouts, and it's time to accept it.

Anonymous said...

The name is a reference to a movie