Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Remembrance of Videos Past #26: The Breeders, "So Sad About Us (Live on Letterman)"

In '93, I was a seventeen-year old bespectacled Brillo-headed Who fan. So when I saw Letterman and heard this modern band do a cover of "So Sad About Us," I flipped out. This wasn't "Can't Explain" or "Tommy" - this was a nugget only a fan would know. So I liked the Breeders before Last Splash was released. When it came out I bought it. Yes the music was great, but I have never felt that frisson again - that feeling that a band was looking through my music collection and nodding with approval.


Cibbuano said...

David Letterman is the eternal flame. He gets older, but the show is the same.

What does he listen to, I wonder?

Mo! said...


sammyray said...

I understand what you mean about that certain band that hits you in the head. For me, strangely, is Eurythmics. I remember hearing "Sweet Dreams" at a party and just thinking, "Man, that just hit me in the head."

The Breeders were a pretty decent band. I like their harmonies.

And one thing about Dave HAS changed...his hair...sniff sniff

Mo! said...

I prefer "Here Comes the Rain Again"

Hate to see what will come of Conan's hair